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Translucent StickyGrippy

Translucent StickyGrippy

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Introducing the StickyGrippy - the game-changing phone mount that will revolutionize the way you use your phone! Designed with convenience and durability in mind, the StickyGrippy combines 24 individual suction cups with a 3M adhesive backing to give you unbeatable hold on any smooth surface.

Whether you're a content creator or just someone who wants to make their phone more versatile, the StickyGrippy is the perfect addition to any phone. Use it to take hands-free photos and videos, Facetime and video call with ease, or even listen to music in the shower!

And with its compatibility with popular phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and HTC, the StickyGrippy is the perfect accessory for anyone on-the-go. No more worrying about your phone falling or dropping - the StickyGrippy provides a reliable and sturdy hold that you can count on. The StickyGrippy measures 2*3 inches.

So why settle for low quality phone mounts? Choose the StickyGrippy and enjoy unbeatable customer service and support, long-lasting durability, and quality control with every purchase. Try it out today and experience the ultimate in convenience, strength, and style!

Order now and receive your StickyGrippy within 3 business days (shipped from the USA). Don't miss out on this must-have accessory for your phone!

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